Sustainable Façade
Design Begins
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A New Natural, Environmentally
Friendly, Prefinished Fibre
Cement Rainscreen Cladding




Fairview has been Australia’s number one trusted cladding manufacturer, supplier, and friend of the industry for over 30 years. We understand you are responsible for bringing sustainability to your designs and liable for the products you specify in your building designs. We’re here to support your need to evidence the performance and compliance behind the products you select.

Genesis is our latest natural, durable, and sustainable fibre cement cladding solution that heralds a new era in green design. With all-natural materials and compliance with AS 1530.3 fire safety and AS 4284 weatherproofing standards, Genesis is the ideal solution for creating artistic façades, while enhancing the environmental benefits and energy efficiency of your building envelope.

Be creative in design and confident in compliance when you specify Genesis prefinished CFC cladding.


Durable-1 Durable

Outstanding physical properties including impact, graffiti, and scratch resistance for exceptional durability. Fairview’s 360° View Quality Assurance ensures building façades installed with Genesis last with more than 50-years life expectancy and are supported with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vector Smart Object-1 Thermally Efficient

Genesis offers a complete wall cladding system featuring ventilated sub-construction allowing the building envelope to breathe. Increase the thermal and energy efficiency of your building and promote natural temperature regulation.

Vector Smart Object-3 Cost-Effective

Available in 2.5m and 3.05m sheets to reduce wastage. Genesis is a low-maintenance product with no ongoing painting, oiling, or sealing required, reducing the long-term costs of your project.

Vector Smart Object-2 Versatile

7 different panel styles, a variety of textures, and an array of colours for the ultimate custom sustainable design. Choose from classic or contemporary, smooth or rough, and vibrant or earthy colours to bring your green design vision to life.

Vector Smart Object-4 Short Timeframes

Manufactured and distributed by Fairview to reduce distributor costs and allow faster installation timeframes. Now you can execute sustainable projects to deadlines efficiently, and with installation support.

Vector Smart Object-3-8 Compliance

Accredited to AS 1530.3 and C1.9(e) for non-combustibility and AS 4284 for weatherproofing. Supported by Fairview’s 360° view quality assurance process for long-lasting compliance that has been measured, tested, and proven.

7 Different Profiles & Limitless Colour Options

With more projects requiring natural material specification, and biophilic designs dominating today’s architectural landscape, Genesis stands out as a versatile, attractive CFC cladding solution to help architects achieve sustainable landmark visions. 

Available in large sheet sizes across a range of profiles, from authentic raw and hewn styles to contemporary grooved profiles, Genesis showcases the versatile ways natural texture and aesthetics can be brought to the forefront of any architectural design.

The through-coloured panels are available in a wide range of colours and shades, ranging from classic earthy tones to contemporary bright colours, allowing you to combine artistic and environmental design. The distinctive characteristics of the Genesis fibre cement façade system provide Architects & Building Designers with the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities – a sustainable way. 

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  • Versatile to suit a large range of design interests, including connection to nature through biophilic design
  • Genesis offers sunscreen, and waterproofing protection
  • Installed on a ventilated sub-construction system, Genesis achieves outstanding thermal and energy performance, allowing the building envelope to breathe
  • Non-combustible and compliant for large-scale building insurance in accordance with C1.9(e) and part of the National Construction Code
  • With multiple options for colour, shading and texture, we have created countless possibilities when designing your stunning façade 
  • Cost effective solution in comparison to competing products. 
  • Genesis offers sunscreen and waterproofing protection
  • Non-combustible and compliant for large-scale building insurance in accordance with C1.9(e) and part of the National Construction Code
  • Accredited to AS 1530.3 for non-combustibility and AS 4284 for weatherproofing
  • Ventilated façade systems provide an increase in the reflection of external noise, achieving an average reduction of up to 8dB
  • Ventilated façades don’t suffer from mould, fungi, or rot, making them extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.


  • Panels are exceptionally durable making them graffiti, scratch, and impact resistant
  • Accredited to AS 1530.3 for non-combustibility and AS 4284 for weatherproofing
  • 15-year manufacturer’s warranty with a life expectancy exceeding 50 years
  • Short lead times with large stock holding and availability. 
  • Genesis is available in both 2.5 and 3.05 metre sheets; we work with installers to minimise wastage
  • Genesis is easily cut to size and installed onsite minimising lengthy lead time between site measure, production and delivery of pre-finished panels 
  • No surface coating or edge sealing required
  • Fairview stocks and supplies a full range of accessories to simplify the installation of Genesis. From top hats to drill bits, we have you covered
  • Fairview provides support and training on the installation of all their rainscreen façade systems. 
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Sustainable design begins with a product
solution that can deliver on design objectives.

Build Green, Build Fast, Build Smart

A complete façade system, Genesis embodies efficient installation, so you can deliver eco-friendly projects quickly to meet growing demand. Meet your deadlines and reduce project lead times with the simple-to-install panels, which are available in easily-cut 2.5m and 3.05m sheets to minimise wastage. Genesis offers a complete fixing system, including panels, battens, sarking, and accessories for convenient installation.  

 As we manufacture and distribute Genesis, we have eliminated unnecessary distributor costs, allowing for faster orders, delivery, and completion of installation.

Quality Cladding Without Breaking Your Budget

The most cost-effective CFC solution on the market, Genesis is affordable, durable and long-lasting. Save on long-term project costs with a low-maintenance product that never requires oiling or refinishing, and that can withstand graffiti, scratches, impact and the harsh effects of the Australian climate. Warranted for 15 years, Genesis  boasts a 50-year life expectancy, offering stunning green façades that will continue to impress future generations, without incurring restoration and replacement costs. 

The New Face of Green Compliance

Genesis is accredited to AS 1530.3, meaning it will not spread fire, and AS 4284, which ensures it protects against wind, water, and pollution. Now you can reduce your project’s liability exposure with a product that meets safety and quality requirements. 

Specify Genesis with peace of mind as it is environmentally friendly and compliant with Australian standards. Coupled with our 360° view quality assurance process, our latest pre-finished compressed fibre cement cladding system gives you a façade that is safe and stylish. 

 Made from a natural mix of cellulose, cement and minerals, Genesis is the architectural product to suit any design, while rising to the challenge of using natural materials.  

A high-performance, through-coloured, eco-friendly cladding, Genesis will also improve the energy and thermal efficiency of the building envelope, with a ventilated rainscreen system to promote airflow, noise reduction, and temperature control. 

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